fredag 28. mars 2014

Budapest with my Iphone

I prefer to photograph with my Canon EOS 550 but I am always using my Iphone too as I want to share some of my pictures quickly. I am really bad with editing my Canon pictures but using the app Camera+ on my Iphone makes it super fun as I can choose from about 24 different filters. All of the pictures in this post have been taken on my Iphone and are edited in Camera+.

Above is the Stefan Basilica. 

The Parliament building. 

The Matthias church. 

The State Opera, and below its ceiling (above the entrance). 

The Vajdahunyad building. 

The Szechenyi bath. 

The ceiling inside the hall of the Szechenyi bath, and view from the window (below). 

The square of heroes (aka the city park). 

Amazing buildings along the beautiful avenue called Andrassy Ut. 

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