torsdag 27. mars 2014

Budapest #Beautiful #Buildings #Bigcity

I guess a blue sky every day is a little too much to ask for! Budapest on a grey day means less color in my pictures but hopefully the beauty of the city still shines through. 

The State Opera House. 

Wonderful ceiling outside the entrance of the opera. 

More amazing buildings along the Andrassy ut (avenue). 
The avenue leads to the city park called Varosliget. 

There were a few embassies along this avenue. 

Mucsarnok (translates as the art market);  for contemporary art and concerts. 
The building was finished in 1895. 

The Vajdahunyad castle/fortress. The building was drawn by Ignac Alpar and he wanted to show the development in Hungarian architecture in one single building. The styles are Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque, and all in all this castle represents about 20 different famous Hungarian buildings. 

This is the famous Szechenyi bath. It was opened in 1913 and consists of indoor- and outdoor pools, among them the deepest and hottest pool in Hungary. 

My friend Ida on the square of the heroes! This square was previously used for communist demonstrations. 

This statue in the middle of the square is called the Millennium monument. 

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