mandag 26. mai 2014

New York trip no 20.

So what are you going to do on your 20th trip to New York?
I guess I will do what I always do, walk, walk, shop, walk, take pictures, eat healthy, never sleep, walk, live of my adrenaline and then walk some more. 

I realized on this trip that I am a little tired of going to New York by myself. I get so hungry!  I hardly sit down to eat, and never for more than 40 minutes (my head/body never rest!) as it is not as much fun sitting down by yourself. And there is so much good food!! I miss a friend or a boyfriend. I want everyone to experience this amazing city, and sometimes memories are best when shared..

But then a crowd of pigeons fly above me as I wait for the bus to Philadelphia and I realize how fortunate I am to be able to travel as much as I do..and I forget about being lonely. Nobody is really lonely in New York anyway..

Looking up at the Empire State Building. 

I love it when nature decorates the streets. 

The tall "blue" building to the left is the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero.  

I walked by the "Moods of Norway" store in SoHo. 

Love the diversity in architecture. 

The ever amazing and peaceful Central Park in my favorite month of May. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The Guggenheim museum. LOVE this building (yup, a lot of love going around)! 

Washington Square Park is one of my go to parks every time! 

Flatiron building on 23rd street. 

...but my heart belongs to the Chrysler building..

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  1. Fantastiske bilder, min venn! Du er så flink. Fikk meg litt NY bare av bildene dine. <3