søndag 9. september 2012

Zion National park.

W3, day 9, part I: Entering Utah and Zion National Park.

On day 8th we entered Mormon country and the state of Utah. We visited a Walmart on the way. The goal was Zion National Park. After putting up our tents at Zion Canyon Campground, I put on my 15$ shoes from Walmart to be able to hike in the Virgin River. Through June to October you hike in water, so I decided to get some shoes for this purpose and not risk ruining my other sneakers. 

Five of us got the same shoes!!

Hilke was a bit disappointed that the water only reached her to knee level, that was until she fell and barely saved her camera!! Nicki fell over a few times as well, but it was all smiles!!

When we came back to the Visitor Center is started pouring down, 
but after the worst rain we saw the rainbow. 

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