mandag 10. september 2012

Angels Landing.

W3, day 9, part I; Climbing Angels Landing.

To be able to climb Angels Landing before it got too hot we had to get up at 4.45 am, walk from camp 5.15 and catch the 5.30 shuttle bus. Well, it all sounded good in theory, but my fellow trekkers were tired and so Nicola and I just missed the 5.30 shuttle by 15 seconds. We had to wait in the dark for the next one, but at 6 am we were on our way. The shuttle took about 25 minutes. 

I didn´t know how long the hike would take, only that we had to return at 9 am. Determined to reach the top I kept a steady pace, and at 7.23 I was..

Walter`s Wiggles - a set of 21 stonework zigzags that take you up a cleft in the rock. 

I spent 25 minutes here eating a Cliff bar and rested only to realize 
that the top is what you see behind me. 
I didn´t see the chain-assist rock climb continue on until a man started walking it. 
I got a bit annoyed with myself and sprinted up the last bit in 20 minutes!! 

Yeah, this is actually me going down again, I was too busy for photos going up!!

Finally made it to the top!!

Stunning view from the top, all worth it. 

Hilke joined me to the top and decided to write her parents a postcard from there. 

What Lonely Planet says about Angels Landing trail: 
Among harder trails, the 2,5 mile Angels Landing Trail (1490ft ascent) is the one everyone´s heard of - and fears. At times the trail is no more than 5 feet wide, with 1500ft drop-offs to the canyon floor on both sides. 

I guess I was too busy getting to the top to worry about the height!

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