lørdag 8. september 2012

Extraterrestrial Highway!

W3, day 7: Driving, crossing states, desert, Extraterrestrial Highway!

A last look at Yosemite before a long day of driving. We could see the Half Dome from here. 

Driving through the Great Basin Desert today, crossing over to Nevada. 
We had lunch close to Tonopah. 

Unfortunately we were stuck behind this oversized truck two times!! 

From Tonopah we drove east along US Hwy 6 for 50 miles, continuing on to NV Hwy 375, aka the "Extraterrestrial Highway". 

After about one hour on Hwy 375 you come to Little A´le Inn". 
A funny place in the middle of a long drive..

The night was spent on softer ground in Cathedral Gorge State Park. It was pitch dark when we arrived and in the morning we woke up to beautiful surroundings like this below..

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