tirsdag 11. september 2012

Bryce National Park.

W3, day 9, part II: Bryce National Park.

After Zion we drove to Bryce National Park. The two parks are quite close to eachother, so we arrived at Bryce in the afternoon on the same day as we had walked Angels Landing. Right after we arrived in the National Park it started pouring down!! We had to wait in the van for almost an hour before it was safe to head outside.

Bryce is the smallest of Southern Utah´s national parks, but it is perhaps the most immediately visually stunning. The view from the rim, as you can see below, is one of my most memorable moments from this trip. There was some talk of a thunderstorm coming, and we had some rain, but a walk down the trails in the park was a must for all of us!

This is just so crazy beautiful!

The colors are so different depending on the light. This picture and the one below is taken within 30 minutes of eachother.

The top and bottom picture is taken with my iPhone using the app Hipstamatic.

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