onsdag 12. september 2012

Arches National Park.

W3, day 10: Moab (Utah),  Arches National Park. 

After Bryce National Park we spent the night at Kodachrome Basin State Park Campingground. It was the only campground without a shower and flush toilets! We had a bonfire and made "`smores" and the surroundings were pretty awesome!

On day 10 we arrived in Moab. The place serves as a terrific base camp for area excursions. We were going to spend 3 nights there. After putting up and down our tents every day it is nice to stay put every now and then.

This is what Lonely Planet says about Moab; It was miners in search of "radioactive gold" ie uranium,starting in the 1950s that blazed a network of back roads , laying the groundwork for Moab to become a 4WD mecca. But neither mining nor the hundreds of Hollywood films shot here had as much influence on the character of Moab, as the influx of youth-culture, fatire, mountain-bike enthusiasts.

In the afternoon of day 10 we went to Arches National Park to watch sunset in front of Delicate Arch, the most famous arch in the park. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy just as the sun went down, but it was still awesome (the most popular word in my group, used multiple times by Hilke)!

Delicate arch.

Hipstamatic x 3.

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