torsdag 28. august 2014

New Orleans

From the French quarter in New Orleans where the Creole architecture is quite visible. 

This is inside "Mother´s restaurant". There is almost always a festival in New Orleans and this was the weekend of the "Red dress festival". Men and women were dressed in red and ran/walked for a charity.  You might say the town was dressed in red that Saturday..

We walked along St Charles Avenue through the Lower Garden District and Garden District. It was so pretty, one amazing house followed the next. So I just couldn´t stop taking pictures..

This is on Magazine street, where all the shops were in equally beautiful houses. 

A little piece of Mississippi. 

Back in the Garden District. This area must be the prettiest in New Orleans. 

On Sunday we had brunch at Surrey´s. I had eggs, grits and biscuits with jam..
Can you spot the peanutbutter french toast in the background..

Our taxi driver told us we had to try try beignets. They are small fried doughnuts topped with powdered sugar. I must admit I was not a big fan.

St Louis Cemetery No 1. 
This is the Italian Mutual Benevolent Society Tomb. 

A terrible rape scene in the movie "Easy Rider" (1969) was filmed here in the cemetery and urban myths maintain actor Dennis Hopper, who starred in the film, was responsible for tearing the head off.

In front of the Court of Appeal. 

Yeah, just a few more..

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