tirsdag 26. august 2014

Lazy Shamrock Ranch

The name is "Lazy Shamrock Ranch".  
The ranch is situated about 25 minutes from Silverthorne. Silverthorne is the second most populous town in Summit County, Colorado. Silverthorne is situated at 2661 masl, and the ranch a little higher.  

The owners of the ranch are Sean and Gyda. Gyda is my travel companion Frøydis´ second cousin. 

This was the best way to travel around on the ranch. The range is enormous!! It is a total of 3700 acres/15 km2. 

Gyda took us all the way to the top for an amazing view. 

These horses were just so beautiful, and their names; Barney and Clyde!! 

Frøydis looked like she was born on a ranch, such a cowgirl. 

Me, I got to keep the hat..

 One of Gyda´s sons took us horseback riding. My horse is named Domino. He was suppose to be the nicest one as I am not a very experienced rider. But I stayed on, just about, when Frøydis (a former horsegirl) decided that we should all do some galloping..


Have you ever experienced a double rainbow?? The ever changing weather was worth it for this view. 

Opening the gates on the ranch was difficult and had to be done a certain way..

...so this is how happy Gyda was when we finally got the hold of it..

The boss himself, Sean overlooking his land with his dogs by his side.. 

We experienced some shooting on the last night. Fun to be part of their skeet shooting on Wednesdays. 
We did not try to shoot, would have been a waste of bullets..ha ha. But we participated in the eating.. 

Unforgettable memories..

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