søndag 2. september 2012

Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

Western 3 (W3, from now on), day 1: Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

My first view of Los Angeles from the plane. My flight was delayed 1,5 hours from NY and when I arrived at LAX I was told my luggage had been sent with an earlier flight, that was even more daleyed. So at 2.15 am I arrived at Hacienda Hotel, 6 hours before my trip was about to start!! Luckily I had adrenaline..

First stop was Hollywood Boulevard for Grauman`s Chinese Theatre (the heart of Hollywood walk of fame), Kodak Theatre (Academy Awards) and a chance to see the Hollywood sign (each letter is 50 feet tall and made of sheet metal).

After leaving Los Angeles behind and driving up the Central Coast, we had a stop in Santa Barbara. 

My fellow trekkers Hilke (Germany), Emma (England) and Chihiro (Japan). 

Our first night of camping, at Flying Flags RV park just outside Santa Barbara, CA. 

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