lørdag 22. september 2012

Las Vegas.

W3, day 18: Viva Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, what a crazy town! 

According to LP: Vegas baby; it is the only place in the world where you can spend the night partying in Ancient Rome, wake up in Paris and brunch under the Eiffel Tower, bump in to Superman (or Elvis as we did) on the way to dinner in New York, watch an erupting volcano at sunset and get married in a Pink Cadillac at midnight.  

Welcome to the dream factory, just don´t expect to get much sleep (LP). 

Mexican versions of Elvis. 

I take thee Skybert..

Having fun at Little White Wedding Chapel, where a certain Britney Spears got married. 

The Vegas sign in daylight. 

A miniature New York. 

Las Vegas at night, day 2. A much more quiet evening. 

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