søndag 19. juli 2015


Bajardo, 900 m (3000 feet) above sea level . 
Pop 306 (jan 2008)

Baiardo is a comune in the Province of Imperia in the Italian region Liguria

The ruins of the church of San Nicolo. 

Here, just below the small village of Bajardo is where my colleague and her husband live out their Italian dream. In this stone house that has been built almost from scratch after purchasing the land in 2007, is where we lived and breathed Italian village life for a week this summer. It is so peaceful here, you see a few cars and hear a few horns each day, but most of the time it is just you and the birds. Every now and then we would hear someone rattle in the dry forrest around us, and I was expecting a snake or a wild pig showing up, but that never happened. The only one showing up in our yard was a rather big mouse, but he never tried to enter the door..

Baiardo is a 5 minute drive north on very winding roads and you have to honk the horn before every turn. This little village has a few restaurants but they are not open all day so make sure you visit them at the right time, or you leave pretty hungry, which we experienced already on our first night there. Italians serve lunch around 12.30-16.00 and dinner from 19.30. Most of the restaurants did not have a menu but we learned that for lunch they serve pasta first and then you choose a meat that is served with potato. Wine is served at all meals of course..

This little car took us around to a few villages and cities during the week. You have to have a car here otherwise you are pretty stuck. It is convenient to have a small car as the road is narrow and winding. 

Cheers to Italy! 
We had hot, sunny weather every day, good books and each other. I guess that is all you need.. 

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