tirsdag 23. juni 2015


I have a very special place for Japan in my heart. I don´t think any other country is quite like Japan. For starters, the people, I have never met a more polite population. Everyone is so thoughtful of others. They are so many and yet so well organized. Everything is on time and so well run here. 

I think Japan must be one of the safest places to travel and even though I don´t speak or understand Japanese, it is still easy to get around. They have maps on the street to tell you where you are and the metro stops are announced in English as well. 

Tokyo population; 13, 24 million.

The famous Takeshita street in Harajuku. 

From a local Farmers Market in the Harajuku district. 

On the "Omote-sando" the regal boulevard that connects Harajuku and Aoyama, the designer boutiques come in designer buildings.. 

The Tokyo Metro and the JR trains are the easiest way to get around in Tokyo, but I would advise you to try a taxi at least once. The back door opens automatically, the seats are covered with lace and the drivers wear white gloves. The price is fair compared to my home country! 

Neon lights everywhere.!! 
Tokyo is the most colorful city I have ever visited. It is a bit like walking around Times Square in New York, just much bigger and with non-understandable signs..

Shinjuku by night.. 

The view of Tokyo from our room at the Celestine Hotel in the Minato area. 

Tokyo Tower. 

At the Tsukiji Fish market. Everything was closing down when we arrived around 10.30 am. Apparently the tuna auctions are the most famous but you have to be at the market around 5 am! 

Every now and then there is a sumo competition in Tokyo, and luckily for us there was one going on on our last weekend in Tokyo. We did not have ticket for the matches and they were pretty expensive, so instead we just hung around the Sumo Museum hoping to see some fighters arriving. I have no idea if the wrestlers we saw were among the best, but we still enjoyed seeing them in their nice outfits.. 

The cutest post-box ever?? In Ueno. 

In the "Ueno-koen" park in Ueno they had a little piece of snow (in May) for the children to play on..

The Shibuya crossing is rumoured to be the world´s busiest! The intersection lies in front of the Shibuya train station. People come in hundreds from all over and yet manages to pass each other with such ease..

No trip to Tokyo is completed without ordering too much sushi.. 

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