fredag 7. november 2014

Wilmington, North Carolina.

Being a BIG fan of the tv-show "Dawson´s Creek" it has been my dream to visit Wilmington, the city where the show was filmed. This summer I was finally close enough to visit and fulfill my dream. 
First I walked around trying to see if there were places I recognized from the show, then I attended a "Hollywood location walk (of Wilmington)" and that just topped the whole experience as my guide showed me lots of locations and was real good to us "Creekers". I have made a separate post for that tour. 

The "Battleship North Carolina" where you can take a self-guided tour. The ship earned 15 battle stars in the Pacific theater in WWII before being decommissioned in 1947. 

The Cape Fear River. 

Walking around on the dock I tried to find "The Icehouse" and "Leerys Fresh Fish". After the location tour I learned that what you see on television is not necessary equivalent to what you see in the real world!! Ha ha. 

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