tirsdag 31. desember 2013


The year 2013 started off with a broken tooth and my cousin (who is also my dentist) suggested that I skip one holiday as the tooth was going to be expensive. Did I do it? Not really, I just worked more!

My first trip was 4 weeks to Australia  in January/February to visit my friend and colleague Cathrine who was living in Sydney for 9 months. It is always nice to escape the winter and cold in Norway for summer on the other side of the planet. From Sydney we traveled to Palm Beach for a night (where "Home and Away" is filmed) and to Tasmania for a 5 days road trip.

My second trip was back "home" to New York for 1 week in May. This was my 19th trip to my favorite big city. This time I got to see the Hamptons and experience NY through the eyes of locals thanks to my colleague Cassandra and her friend Ane (who lives and works in NY).

My third trip brought me back to USA in July. I spent 2 weeks driving around in California with my friend Frøydis. Her sister lives in San Jose. Highlights were Joshua Tree National Park, San Diego and driving along the pacific coast.
From California I traveled on my own to Chicago for days. Chicago was amazing, you should check out my posts to see just how beautiful it was.
I spent my last 3 days of my USA summer in Philadelphia visiting my friends Christina and Adam and their daughter Adelina. Philadelphia is a very historic city with some of my favorite giftshops.

Just 2 days after returning home from USA, I travelled to Crete. My sister lives and works there so I spent 2 weeks just soaking up the sun and read 12 books. My parents joined me one week in.

I started working again September 1st and was supposed to go to Thailand on November 6 for 10 days, but because of illness in my family I had to cancel my trip.

All in all I spent about 11 weeks traveling in 2013, kind of like 2012 and 2011.

Bring it on 2014!! 

Pic from left; Sydney, Tasmania, Joshua Tree National Park, New York, Chicago, Palms in California, Philadelphia, Chicago and Crete. 

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