søndag 6. oktober 2013

KILDEN teater- og konserthus.

KILDEN Theatre and Concerthall in Kristiansand opened its doors to the public in January 2012.
 16.500 m2, 4 halls and 2277 seats. 

The architecture reminds me a little bit of the Sydney Opera House from certain angles. 

I visited KILDEN for the first time yesterday, and I was very impressed with the exterior and interior of the building. After photographing the building from all corners we had dinner at the cafe´ inside, called "Kast loss", and afterwards we enjoyed the theatre "Ekte kjærlighet" (Real love) based on the book "Amtmannens døtre" by the famous Norwegian author Camilla Collett (part one published in 1854, and part two in 1855). The play was amazing and even if the book is over 150 years old, the theme is still so important "right now"! 

 All photos taken with my Iphone4 using the app Camera+. 

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