onsdag 14. august 2013

Sunday in Philadelphia.

After California and Chicago I flew to Philadelphia to visit my friend Christina, her husband Adam and their 2 year old daughter. They live in a very nice neighborhood in Philly where all the all the houses are thin/long, three stories high and made of bricks. When I walk around the streets it is fun to see how the people living there put their own touch to the houses, through colors, art and decorations. The American flag is almost mandatory! 

Sunday morning we took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. "Americas first zoo". The zoo was so green and laid out in a very nice way. Everything was close and there were picnic tables and a lot of shadow areas for really hot days. The zookeepers came out at prearranged times and talked about the animals. 

A great place for small children.. 

In the afternoon we had a walk around town. Philadelphia is such a historic and nice town to walk around in. And they have so many nice stores where you can buy the most amazing gifts or just something fun for yourself...

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