fredag 9. august 2013

Chicago on your own!

People often ask me what I do when I travel alone. Someone always say "I could never do that". I 
don´t really think of myself as brave because I go on holiday on my own, it is more about learning to enjoy your own company (and that comes from years of living by yourself). Most of the time we are just talking days and not weeks anyway. I always make sure to meet up with someone after a few days. The people who travel solo for much longer, they are the brave ones.. 

So, back to what I do. In one word; walk. I usually walk 6-10 hours a day. A good idea is to look for  walking tours in either a guidebook, online or a tourist information. I brought along Lonely Planet Chicago and found one walking tour for each neighborhood. Seeing as I have 4 days here I chose 3 walking tours to do over the next 3 days, and then the 4th day will be for "unfinished business". 

On Tuesday 6th I did the "Above, on and in the water" walking tour. It took me to Navy Pier and the Ohio street beach. The Navy Pier is an entertainment complex with amusement rides, food and shops. And the beach looked just like a beach, except the water is not salt! The color of lake Michigan today was emerald green. 

After the tour it was only 1 pm so I walked around on Michigan Ave/Magnificent mile in search of the closest "Top 9 notable Chicago buildings" and did some shopping for my dad. 

For dinner I planned to eat deep dish pizza at Gino´s east, but he told me I had to wait for one hour and I couldn´t be bothered with that by myself just then. So I ended up buying dinner at Trader Joe´s instead. I will go back another time and order, then walk around and come back for it. I guess I need to try one of Chicago´s tree signature dishes, as the two other ones are with meat!! 

The Tribune tower is one of those "Most notable buildings" according to my LP. 

On the wall of the Tribune tower there are stones sent from around the world, Sweden and Norway are represented as well. 

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