onsdag 13. mars 2013


The area called Jæren is known for its low gradient from ocean to hills, stonewalls and large agricultural activity. The name comes from Norse and means "the edge of the sea". It consists of 8 municipalities; Stavanger, Randaberg, Sola, Sandnes, Hå, Klepp, Time and Gjesdal. The population was 291 999 as of January 2012 (Wikipedia).

Orrestranden (Orre beach) is the longest sandy beach in Norway, 5 kilometer long. It was freezing cold.

Anny and her dog Pippi. 

My friend Anny lives on a farm in Kvernaland. Her husband is a farmer. This is their barn. Inside there are lots of cows, pigs and sheep. I spent the weekend here as we were having an Australian get-together, 12 years after Anny, Line, Beate and I lived together in Adelaide as nursing students. Beate had traveled from Kristiansand and Line came from Flekkefjord. I had brought Tim Tams from my previous visit to Australia, but we still missed the Farmer´s Union ice coffee. It was really nice to look at pictures and remember the good old student days, and all our traveling around Australia (I have some student pictures on the blog under the tag Australia!).

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