onsdag 30. januar 2013

On the Manly ferry

The ferry to Manly leaves from Circular Quay and takes about 30 minutes. There is also a "fast ferry" that only takes 18 minutes, but half the point of going on the ferry is the view and you need to take your time when photographing! 

The first thing you pass as you leave the dock is the Opera house. 

The day we left for Manly, to continue on to Palm beach, it was rather cloudy. The next day on our return the sky was blue and the sun was shining. These pictures are taken both ways, so the weather gives away which way I am going. 

Arriving Manly, the beach here is situated in the opposite direction from where the ferry is coming in. You walk through a nice street of restaurants, cafes and surfshops- really neat. 

You can take a lot of different ferries in Sydney, it is a good way to see the city. 

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