tirsdag 27. november 2012

New York for the 18th time!

Well, I have just been back in New York, for the 18th time. This town is starting to feel like my third home, and people keep asking me "Why don´t you just move there?", like that would be the easiest thing in the world..ha ha! I like to walk around town not feeling so much like a tourist anymore, I will never be able to shake that feeling off completely, I mean, just drop me off in Brooklyn and I have no clue where I am. 

I have some favorite places in town that I need to visit every time. I always go to visit Barnes & Noble in Union square. It is such a beautiful building. I need to walk down from 14th street and 9th Avenue, past Abingdon square and down Bleecker street. I walk in Central Park, I really like the area from 59th street and 5th Av. New York is filled with small parks and gardens that you suddenly pass when you walk around, and that is one of the best things about NY, it is so big that you always discover new beautiful places. 

Skyscraper city!!

One of those beautiful small gardens that is just suddenly there, squeezed in between two big buildings on 72nd street. 

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