søndag 14. oktober 2012

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the thought of traveling to this city back in 2004 on our South America tour was a bit scary. We had heard so much about the city, and we were extra cautious because of the thefts and crime we had read about.  Remember this was our first time traveling on our own. But when I look back now, I am glad we decided to go, despite the riots outside our hotel whilst we were at a football match. It really is a beautiful city, and I am sure the old rumor has approved as well. And I guess I have grown up a bit more, and seen more of the world, so I wouldn`t hesitate to go back!

Sugar Loaf

Favela tour


Rio de Janeiro, 02.03-06.03 2004. All photos by Beate Bjørnevik. 

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