mandag 29. oktober 2012

Mountain climbing in Leh.

Leh was the capitol of the kingdom of Ladakh in the Himalayas. Now the Leh district is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is still  dominated by the ruined Leh-palace, former residence of the royal family of Ladakh. The palace was built at the same time and in the same style as the Potala Palace. 

Leh is 3650 metres above sea level. 

I was traveling with Rolf Christofer (this is 2005) and he is a big climber, which is why we flew to Leh from Delhi. This was the first time I ever climbed a high mountain carrying a big backpack and slept in a tent along the way. RC wanted us to do it all on our own. We packed food but most of what we could get was white bread and jam. We did not have any cooking equipment. RC had some biscuits with strawberry cream inside that he brought from Norway with him. You kind of loose your appetite at these heights, so I pretty much could have thrown those biscuits after him in the end. I still can´t bear to see them. When we came back to civilization we had hot noodles from a rather cheesy looking place, and of course we ended up with a bad stomach..ha. 

We reached the top at 4700 meters but I had a really hard time getting there.  Well now I am more experienced, but it all started here..
Leh, summer of 2005. 

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