onsdag 5. september 2012

San Francisco.

W3, day 4; Free day in San Francisco. 

My free day in San Francisco started relatively early. I guess I was all excited so sleep was a no, no. I was out of the hotel at 8.15 am, and sat down for the first time about 2 p.m. I had a Cliff bar on the go for breakfast and a Diet Pepsi w/cherry (love it, my teeth don`t!). My first mission was the Victorian houses featured in the introduction to the tv-series "Full house" (speculations claim there was another house that was used!). But what I saw first was Town Hall (above).

I was amazed by the colorful and beautiful buildings all over town. 

Here we are, the Victorian Houses, aka "the Painted Ladies". 

After walking for about 2 hours I was ready to do the walking tour in Lonely Planet called "San Francisco Hilltops".  First I bought myself a Soy Chai and entered through Dragon Gate in Chinatown. All the following 24 pictures are taken from that walking tour. I used 4 hours instead of 2,5 as it said in the book, but I took a few detours, for example to see the crooked street. The tour was great and it introduced me to places I probably wouldn´t have stumbled upon myself. I will mention some of the places as we go along..

Spofford Alley, where Sun Yat-sen plotted revolution..

Caffe Trieste where Francis Ford Coppola drafted his script for "The Godfather". 

I walked so many stairs that it counted as a good workout..  

Amazing hill view. 

I guess the city is proud of Full house, even if it was filmed in a studio in LA. 

Alcatraz view. 

The crooked street, really cool place. Cars would drive through here all the time! 

Funny, big trees! 

Cable cars. 

We all ended the day with a Chinese dinner at House of Nanking in Chinatown. 
I had a fish so soft it melted on my tongue. 

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