mandag 24. september 2012

San Diego.

W3, day 20: San Diego.

It is August 29th, the last full day on the trip. I decided to spend half of my last day on the beach to soak up some of that last heat and sun before returning home to autumn. Nicola and I went to Pacific beach to be close to Garnet Ave and in walking distance from the campground. 

According to Lonely Planet this is San Diego´s quirkiest hotel, which consist of a cluster of Cape Cod-style cottages built out over the waves.  

Garnet Ave is a nice street with a lot of restaurants, bars, nail saloons and cool shops, such as Buffalo Exchange (second hand) and Trader Joe´s (great food). 

Street art. 

Beautiful flowers at Trader Joe´s. 

Our campsite. 

In the afternoon we went out for drinks. It was the last night for all of us together. 

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  1. Ser ut som dere hadde en fin tur :-)Mange fine bilder. Tror jeg må øve meg litt jeg så ikke alt fra kurset blir glemt ;-)