søndag 16. september 2012

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

W3, day 13-14, part II;
The only way to get off the road and into the backcountry is by taking a Navajo-led tour, by vehicle for us, with a guide. We all chose to do an overnight stay and slept outside under the stars. 

Our guide was eager to show us the land and teach us about the native Americans. 

We stopped to do some fun photographs, all arranged by the guide, and the result was really cool! 

Shopping some local souvenirs. 

The Navajos see formations everywhere in the rocks, like this hand for example. 

Do you see the wings? 

The eagle or gorilla, not sure what he said!

The dragon. 

Dragon´s head, and in front of that a sinking Titanic. 

We were suppose to sleep inside here, but we ended up outside under the stars, with a dog howling and running around. Because of the dog everything had to be inside the sleeping bag!!

The eye of the sun! 


The vegetarian option of a local meal. My cold was really bad that day so I had no smell or taste, but I am sure it was pretty good. 

Our entertainer.  

Chihiro with the native Americans. 


It was a beautiful night with song and dance by a bonfire. I am glad we got to experience a day with the  native Americans. 

Sunrise the next morning was followed by really heavy rain. We were outside getting soaked in an open truck. I was trying to cover my camera the best I could, really anxious and with a bad cold, not my favorite 20 minutes!!

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