torsdag 12. april 2012


Our third stop was Tamarindo, still in the Peninula de Nicoya area, aka Tamagringo. It was a much busier place than Montezuma, but still relaxed. There was a lot of people learning how to surf on the beach every day.

Every day we had the sunbeds and umbrella to the far right, in walking distance to the Copacabana.

A little 360 degree video from the beach at sunset. 

I love Instagram! 

My travel companions Kine and Cathrine. 

We usually had lunch and cold drinks at the Copacabana cafe near the beach. They had really nice food and my favorite; Lemonade.

In Tamarindo we stayed at the Hotel Arco Iris. The hotel patio turned into a restaurant in the afternoon and is considered "our pick" in Lonely Planet.

For accomodation;

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