mandag 9. april 2012

In search of the crystal blue waterfall..

We all know pictures can lie, but when I saw a photo of Rio Celeste on a Costa Rican tourist website I just knew I had to see that beautiful blue/azul waterfall. We arranged to go see the waterfall only a day after arrival to CR, booking ourself into a bungalow out in the jungle (see post about Tenorio Lodge) to do so. And the result is photographed here, a very pretty waterfall, but far from crystal blue. The color can change from one day to another, and we were not fortunate enough to see it on its best day. So was it all worth it? I think so, even if the jungle was wet and muddy. It is the not so perfect trips that makes for good stories, and just being inside a Costa Rican rain forrest is not something I do every day. I was on my heels the whole time, on the watch out for snakes and other scary animals, but ended up just seeing birds.

To get to Rio Celeste we took the local bus from Alajuela outside San Jose to Bijagua (the bus continued on to Upala). The sun was shining the whole way until we were under a dark cloud, and that is where Bijagua was situated. It was raining more or less non stop..aka rain forrest.

From Tenorio Lodge we arranged for a trip to the Rio Celeste National Park. We had a bilingual guide, but this was his first tour in English, so we did not get the best forrest information!

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