torsdag 30. september 2010


In August this year I climbed Besseggen with 11 colleagues from work. My pictures are borrowed from Kristine Iversen and Monica Ringseth (as I left my camera in the car!)

The weather was pretty bad when we took the ferry in the morning, but luckily it cleared up and we had visibility and sun.

The nature was breathtaking.

And it was pretty steep, as you see on these next two pictures. I climbed with Harald´s dog Pondus, and he pretty much flew up the mountain. I don´t think I have ever climbed a mountain so fast!

Tuva is a happy climber.

This is me, but I can´t turn the photo around..

This is our second attempt at putting up the lavo. The result was much better, turned out we missed a few things on our first lavo, so it just ended up looking crazy. The lavo housed 10 girls. The two boys were in a smaller tent nearby. Oh, and I had a quick swim, crazy current and pretty freezing, but I got wet..promise!!

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