torsdag 5. august 2010

On the road in Oregon, California and British Columbia (Canada)

After days with clear blue sky we decided to go back to the West Coast for some beach days, but we were almost blown of the coast along with the trees..

Really beautiful, but you should feel the crazy wind.

Big trees in California.

My boyfriend was way tougher than me. I just read my book on the beach.

Good kite conditions.

Portland, Oregon. A really nice town.

I guess the owner of this boat has a little more money than me.
North Vancouver.

From Vancouver we took the ferry up the coast and stopped in a little town called Sechelt.
They had a really nice bakery where we had a fantastic breakfast.

It was pretty windy here too but we found a nice place closed to some big rocks.

Yes please, I could have this place as my summer house.

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